Interim Executive Jobs and Leadership

You can receive a leadership education and then search for job roles in executive positions. Generally speaking, it can take a few months or a year or two to learn enough for people to land interim executive jobs or permanent job roles. Some of the jobs you might be able to get when you have received an education include: 

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Store Managers

Store managers lead a team of managers, associates and any other people who work within their stores. Store managers work within various retail settings, such as managing grocery stores, department stores, clothing stores and so on. They often can be promoted to more senior roles, such as district management, which will have them overseeing a multiple stores and they will tell the store manager of each store that they want done.

Sales Executive

A sales executive typically works for a company that has a sales department, and they are responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the department. This may include training sales staff and making sales themselves. In many industries, a sales executive not only gets paid when they make direct sales, but they typically get paid a percentage of the sales their team makes.

Sales executives can be found in many industries, such as car sales, equipment sales and electronic (cell phones) sales to name a few. The income potential for a sales executive is very high due to the nature of how they get paid, which can either be commission-only or salary/commission.

Executive/Lead Chefs

Chefs even work in leadership roles, such as when they have the title executive chef. An executive chef is usually the highest ranked chef in a restaurant and they are in charge of the kitchen. They not only prepare food, but sometimes they are in charge of menu creation and they ensure the kitchen runs smoothly, that way food gets out to customers in time.

Some chefs are given permission or tasked with creating new recipes and testing them out before they go on the menu. Many executive chefs go on to open and run their own restaurant, while some go on to own multiple restaurants.

Those are only three examples of executive job roles that you may qualify for, but bear in mind that different industries have different training requirements. Nonetheless, it's a good idea to take leadership courses regardless of the industry you work in or want to work in.